Organic Sheets Available In A Variety Of Materials

Organic sheets are becoming widely available, and there is a selection of a few different materials. There is organic cotton, which seems to be the most popular, but organic sheets are also available in wool.  Wool is an excellent material to sleep on because it is good at regulating body temperature. But, not only are wool sheets good material, organic mattresses that are covered in wool are also a good purchase. Wool is naturally flame retardant and wicks sweat and moisture away from the body. Organic mattresses are also available in natural latex rubber, which is naturally fire-retardant. This is important because mattresses are required by law to be flame retardant and the cheapest way to do this is to soak said mattresses with a certain chemical. This is a chemical that can be absorbed through the skin and is said to be a carcinogen. Because of this, many people are turning to organic mattresses and bedding, like cotton or wool.

Manufacturing organic wool starts with the sheep. For wool to be labeled as organic, the sheep must be raised organically. This means that the sheep must only eat organic feed. It also means that growth hormones and antibiotics are prohibited in the sheep that is going to provide organic wool. The farmer must also use ecologically friendly farming practices. And it doesn’t stop there. The process of manufacturing the wool to use as a fabric must also remain chemical free and refrain from having any adverse effects on the environment. And because the USDA has laws and regulations in place to ensure that products are not falsely labeled as organic, you can sleep easy on your organic sheets, knowing that you are not only making your sleeping environment a better place, but you are also helping out the earth as a whole.

Organic sheets are also available in cotton, which may be more comfortable. Cotton bedding is available in a variety of colors and styles, and also in a wide range of thread counts. Of course, a higher thread count equals more luxurious sheets, whether they are organic sheets or not. But no matter what the thread count is, you will rest easy between your cotton sheets.

You may not be resting easy however, if you have to break the bank to purchase said organic sheets. At first glance it may seem odd that organic sheets would be more expensive than regular sheets. After all, they contain a lot less chemicals and processed materials than regular sheets, which is true. The reason organic products are more expensive than their less-regulated counterparts is simple. To grow or manufacture any organic product is extremely labor intensive. From planting the seed to packaging the end product, every step of the organic process is strictly monitored and painstakingly practiced to ensure that the required standards are met and that the highest and purest level of quality is reached. Knowing this makes paying the extra amount for organic sheets a little bit easier to swallow. And whether you decide on cotton or wool, you can rest easy between your organic sheets, knowing that you are helping yourself and the world that you live in.

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