Organic Baby Shampoo

We might assume that the baby shampoos that we buy off of our supermarket shelves are gentle and good for our baby’s delicate skin, but if you’ve ever looked at the ingredients, you will see that this is not always the case. Even baby shampoos that advertise themselves as being natural and gentle can be filled with unnecessary chemicals that could hurt your baby’s newborn skin. Because of this, organic baby shampoos are often a sensible alternative for the parent who wants the best for their precious bundle of joy.

Most standard shampoos contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, or SLS, which is a surfactant. This is a chemical with many adverse effects and has been said to prevent babies’ eyes from developing properly and has also been said to cause cataracts in adults. It has also been suspected as a carcinogen. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a standard ingredient in garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers. Do we really want to wash our babies with shampoos that contain this ingredient? The answer is no, and that is why organic baby shampoos seem to make a lot more sense.

Other chemicals that are found in baby cleansing products include fragrances and formaldehyde, among others. Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen, and has been known to cause cancer in rats. Fragrances consist of a number of chemicals that can also have an adverse reaction to babies’ skin.  Because babies grow so rapidly and their organs are still developing, they are a lot more sensitive to chemicals than the average adult. For this reason, using organic baby products is just one way to ensure that you raise the healthiest baby possible.

Most parents wouldn’t be so eager to wash and clean their baby’s newborn skin if they knew of the adverse effects it could be having on their infant. Using organic baby products is a sure-fire way to ensure that babies stay as healthy as possible, and parents worry the least amount possible. As parents, we have enough to worry about without having to live in fear of what we might be doing to hinder our child’s development. Parents can also sleep better knowing that by purchasing organic baby shampoo and other organic products, they are also helping to support sustainable farming practices and are doing their part to help the earth clean and vibrant for future generations.

So for any parent who wants the best care possible for their baby, organic baby shampoos and soaps are the way to go. Not only are they protecting their baby’s health and providing an optimum environment for their baby’s development, but they are also helping to keep the earth clean and livable for their child’s future. Skin is the body’s largest organ and should be taken care of properly from birth. The best way to avoid damaging the skin is to avoid using harsh substances and chemicals on it. So why not start with organic baby shampoo to keep your baby healthy?

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