Organic Makeup A Natural Choice

The average woman would be doing herself a huge favor by switching to organic make-up. Non-organic make-up products contain chemicals that when consumed or absorbed in large enough amounts, can seriously affect a woman’s health. Supermarket health and beauty products can contain amounts of aluminum, benzoates and formaldehydes, among other toxic ingredients. And because we wear makeup on our skin all day, these chemicals are easily absorbed through our skin.

Even small amounts of aluminum, when absorbed through the skin or ingested has been said to contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease, for which there is no cure. Aluminum is largely found in antiperspirants because it blocks the sweat from being released through the pores. Benzoates, which are a common preservative found in numerous cosmetics, have been found to aggravate asthma. And formaldehyde, which is also found in most of the cosmetics that are available, has been known to cause adverse reactions to the skin. With all this information and the horrible risks that come with putting these chemicals on the face everyday, it’s a wonder that many women still purchase standard cosmetics. 

And for the woman who would like to look and feel healthier, organic make-up is often a sensible alternative. Many skin conditions disappear when the skin is allowed to breathe and remain chemical free. Also, considering how many grams of lipstick is ingested voer a lifetime, and how much make-up is absorbed through the skin, wouldn’t it be common sense to replace chemical-laden products with organic ones? After all, natural plant-based ingredients are a lot less toxic than the chemical additives that are par for the course in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry.

Developing a proper skin-care regimen and using natural products is just one part of a healthy and well-balanced routine. The woman who makes the decision to use organic make-up isn’t only protecting her body from the potential harm from absorbing toxic chemicals, but she is also contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle. Organic make-up is made of gentle, natural ingredients that benefit the skin because they are so mild. For example, many organic lipsticks are made up of natural oils, such as mineral oils and plant oils. These are products that are also used as food, and so there is no danger if these ingredients are ingested. Organic face powders contain natural oils and starches. Once again, these are ingredients that we use in baking and cooking, and they are perfectly safe. Organic makeup strives to avoid synthetic chemicals and also petroleum byproducts which si a good thing. Because really, do we want to put the same chemicals on our face that we put into our vehicles engines?

Organic makeup is a sensible solution to keep skin looking youthful and healthy, and to keep our bodies healthy and vibrant. And by supporting organic products, not only is the consumer benefiting by using a natural product, but the organic industry is benefiting also. So for the discerning consumer who desires to lessen their negative impact on the environment, and who wishes to reap the benefits of natural products, organic make-up is the best alternative.

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