Where To Find Organic Cotton Sheets

Because the organic craze has taken off in North America, it is possible to find organic cotton sheet sets at a variety of retailers, both in-store and online. Even the major department stores are beginning to stock organic bed linens and other products made with organic fabrics. However, they are also available at many Internet retailers and many Internet retailers have better prices. But when comparing the prices of organic bed sheets, it is important to also take into account the thread count and where the sheets are manufactured. If you decide to buy online, it is important to research the company that you are thinking about buying from to make sure that they are credible. Also, look at the return policy, if they have one, to ensure that you can return your organic cotton sheets if they are of substandard quality. You will also want to factor in the shipping and handling charges when deciding whether or not to purchase online.

If you are an expectant parent and you want nothing but the best for your baby, then organic cotton sheets are an excellent investment. Not only are you ensured that the gentle fabric will not irritate your newborns delicate skin, but you are also doing your part to create a better earth for your child to grow up in. And not to worry, organic cotton sheets aren’t just available in boring beiges and greens, but in a wide variety of prints and colors to match even the most vibrant nursery. It is also possible to find other crib items such as bumper pads and mattresses that are organically made. Pet owners that would rather not have their precious animal exposed needlessly to harsh chemicals can also use organic cotton sheets.

Regular cotton is exposed to a wide variety of chemicals during the manufacturing process, most of which can have harmful side effects if high levels are either breathed or absorbed through the skin. Because we lay in our beds for between seven and ten hours a night, we are at a high risk of absorbing harmful chemicals through our skin. For this reason, organic cotton sheets are a wise investment for the individual who aims to stay healthy and practices smart and responsible lifestyle choices. Sheets that are labeled as 100% organic remain chemical-free through every stage of production. The cotton is planted and harvested without using pesticides or herbicides and is usually planted by farmers that attempt to practice sustainable farming techniques. It is also made into fabric without being treated with strong chemicals. Because of this, organic cotton sheets do wrinkle quite easily, but this is actually a good thing for the consumer. It is a good indication that your sheets are truly organic if they wrinkle
quite easily. Typical cotton is treated with heavy chemicals to make it wrinkle free for the consumer, whereas organic cotton isn’t. Organic cotton manufacturers are less concerned with convenience and are more concerned with creating a quality product with the least negative impact on the environment.

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