The Benefits Of Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is – you guess it- oil that is extracted from the organic coconut. This oil is then organically processed and bottled up for human consumption. Organic coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts and is meticulously process according to the government standards. Organic coconut oil is extracted from the fruit using a cold press technique. By not using heat, the coconut oil is able to retain all of its beneficial qualities.

Organic coconut oil has numerous health benefits and contains the healthy fats that our bodies need. Coconut oil is also said to boost the metabolism, and who wouldn’t want that? We would all love a higher resting metabolism. After all, what could be better than knowing that you are burning calories while sitting down? People who can achieve a higher resting metabolism are less likely to gain weight, of course, which is always beneficial. And by eating foods that may help with this you are definitely doing your body a favor. But there’s more. Organic coconut oil has high antibacterial qualities and so is effective in preventing disease. It also aids in digestion and can help lower cholesterol.

If you do choose to stock organic coconut oil in your pantry, it is a good idea to know how to store it. Organic coconut oil can be kept at room temperature, and in North America, because the air tends to be a bit colder, it may have a butter-like consistency. At room temperature it is possible for the organic coconut oil to last up to two years, but you will want to look at the expiry date on the bottle. Just make sure that you keep your bottle of coconut oil in a cupboard and not in any direct sunlight.

Organic coconut oil is extremely versatile and has many uses. It can be used to replace any sort of butter or oil in everyday cooking, and can even be used as a sweet if it is frozen. Frozen coconut oil is said to have a creamy texture and taste a bit like white chocolate, so this is a definite bonus for those with a sweet tooth. You can use coconut oil in everything from pan-fried potatoes to fruit smoothies. It can be used to bake cookies or pies, or even to spread on your sandwich at lunchtime.

So next time you are at your local supermarket, put a bottle of organic coconut oil into your shopping cart. Because it is so versatile there will be no problems with finding uses for it. Also, with all the health benefits that come with adding coconut oil to your diet, why wouldn’t you? We would all like to speed up our metabolism and lower our risk of disease. And, because the coconut oil is organic, you can be assured that you are supporting sensible farming and harvesting techniques. This way, not only are you investing in your health when you purchase organic coconut oil, you are also investing in a healthy earth.

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