Have A Good Sleep, Get Organic Bedding

If your allergies have ever kept you tossing and turning long into the night, you may want to think about switching to organic bedding. The dust and chemicals that used to be part and parcel of sleeping on a modern mattress are no longer necessary. With the explosion of the organic market it is easier to find organic bedding. Mattresses, pillows and assorted linens are all available in a variety of organic materials.

When you decide to make the switch to organic bedding, not only are you helping yourself stay healthy and get a better night sleep, but you are also benefiting the environment. Cotton is one of the most toxic plants in the world, because it is mass-produced and has one of the highest rates of fertilizer and pesticide use. When you purchase organically grown cotton, you are doing your part to discourage such damaging practices. Wool is also an excellent material to use for bedding, and using organic wool is just an added bonus. Studies have shown that babies who sleep on wool bedding sleep better than other babies, and this extends to adults also. The reason behind this is temperature regulation. Wool is good at preventing the body from becoming either too hot or too cold. It also draws moisture away from the body, so you can have a sleep that is uninterrupted by sweat-soaked sheets. And if this isn’t enough, wool is naturally fire retardant. Because of this, wool is also used in the production of organic mattresses.

Organic mattresses are mostly available in either natural rubber or wool. Natural rubber mattresses are an excellent investment for those who are especially sensitive to dust particles or who react to certain chemicals. Not only are organic rubber mattresses chemical-free and dust-free, they are also hypoallergenic and naturally repel dirt and other impurities. Rubber mattresses are usually surrounded by a layer of wool to act as a fire retardant and to regulate body temperature for a better night’s sleep. Organic wool mattresses are usually coil mattresses that have been covered in wool. These mattresses are usually again surrounded with organic in order to create the softest mattress possible.

There are many benefits to choosing organic bedding in your bedroom, not least of which are the multitude of direct benefits that come with getting a good night sleep every night. You can sleep in an environment that is free from unknown chemicals, and on a bed that naturally repels unwanted dirt. If you choose to use organic bedding in your infant’s room, you will have the added benefits of having a happier baby who is less likely to get sick. You will also sleep better knowing that you have done your part to create a cleaner world. Even though you are only one person, by purchasing organic bedding such as organic wool or organic cotton sheets, you are supporting sustainable farming practices and are discouraging chemical use. There are many excellent reasons to invest in organic bedding, and all are guaranteed to make you sleep better and stay healthier.

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