Organic Baby Clothes A Worry-free Alternative

Babies are precious little bundles, and every parent wants nothing but the best for their newborn. They buy the best food, the proper toys and read all the parenting books they can lay their hands on. But sometimes, the clothes are forgotten. The precious newborn may have the best brand names and the cutest clothes money can buy, but does the average parent really know where the clothes were manufactured? Or what chemicals were used to treat the fabric? And if they did know, would they really want their little bundle of joy to have contact with those clothes? For this reason, organic baby clothes are a worry free alternative to the standard baby clothes.

Organic baby clothes are chemical free and are manufactured in ways that do not harm the earth. By purchasing organic baby clothes, you are guaranteed that the process of manufacturing the products was humane and did not harm the environment. Also, because babies grow so quickly and have organs that are still developing, they are especially sensitive to chemicals. If babies are wearing baby clothes that may have toxic chemicals on them, these could easily be absorbed through babies skin and affect their health and well-being. Many baby clothes are made from cotton because it is soft and breathes best. However, cotton is one of the heaviest treated plants in terms of pesticide use and these chemicals are hard to get rid of, even after the manufacturing process. Once you add the chemicals used to treat and dye the fabric, it becomes quite the volatile mix.

Organic baby clothes use only natural substances to treat the fabric, and cotton baby clothes use color-grown techniques to tint the fabric. The result is a product that is good for baby’s skin and is also not harmful to the environment. The consumer who chooes to purchase these organiuc clothes is not only making the decision protect and invest in their baby’s future, they are also protecting our world by supporting sustainable farming practices and humane working conditions.

Organic baby clothes are made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and even fabric that is made from bamboo fibers. All are chemical free and are an ideal choice for baby’s sensitive skin. Bamboo is an ideal choice for fabric because not only is it abundant and sustainable, when bamboo is made into fabric, it is naturally hypoallergenic and is 100% biodegradable. For the environmentally conscious parent, organic baby clothes that are made from natural bamboo fibers are the optimal choice. Not only are they keeping their baby healthy, they are also supporting a healthy earth by choosing something that isn’t going to end up in a landfill. Organic wool clothes are also wonderful choices for baby’s skin. Wool naturally regulates temperature and draws moisture away from the skin. So if your child is wearing wool you will have a happier baby. Purchasing organic baby clothes is a wonderful way for parents to support a healthy earth and invest in their child’s future, and to help themselves by helping keep their baby healthy and happy. 

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